There is no doubt that the kitchen is the most used room in the house. It is where the cooking and sometimes even the gathering of friends and family is being done. So if there is one component in the kitchen that you should pay attention to when it comes to design, it’s the kitchen countertop.

The countertop is where almost all actions take place. But more than that, the kitchen countertop is the foundation of the whole kitchen. It’s the heart of the kitchen when choosing a theme or tone. 

Given the importance of the kitchen countertop, choosing the best material, finish and design matters a lot. So we have put the hottest trends that will give you ideas in choosing the best countertop for your kitchen.

Countertops with character

Nowadays, most homeowners are looking for a character on their kitchen countertops. Gone are the days where countertops are just plain and simple. With the latest innovation in technology, countertops now come in a wide variety of patterns and styles.

Different materials can now be used to create patterns, like lines and swirls to be placed on the countertop slab. It can produce a realistic look of a natural stone like marble and stone. With this latest trend, you will be able to add creativity to your kitchen that boosts your personality.

With different styles, you can create an attractive finish such as matching colours or design with your kitchen cabinets, walls, or flooring. Having a countertop with character can give an interesting twist on the nice visual of your kitchen.

Countertop with sink

As the countertop is getting modernised, sinks are being integrated into it, proving that sink should never be taken for granted. Today, we are seeing sinks that come in matte black and even different colours. Sinks fixtures in various styles are taking over as well. If you want to stray away from the typical silver sink, then it’s possible.

Aside from the colours and styles, oversized sinks are getting popular nowadays. Modern designs are becoming hotter too.

Concrete countertops

A concrete countertop offers a modern, industrial and bold look of a kitchen. You can easily recognise a concrete countertop even if the colour and pattern quite vary from a cloud-like design, and sometimes it gives you a feeling that you are looking at a slab of art.

Concrete countertops are completely customisable, and the surface can be handcrafted, which are now common in most restaurants and bars. Aside from functionality and beauty, they are very easy to clean and maintain. They are durable too.

If the concrete countertop is installed properly with care, you’ll have a beautiful polished look that can compete with the look of quartz stone benchtops sydney or a marble countertop.

Wood countertops

Although wood countertops became obsolete in the past few years, they are now making a comeback. Wood countertop offers a lot of benefits. One is the price. It provides a low price point compared to quartz and marble countertops. 

One reason why many people are now choosing a wood countertop is because of its beauty. You can put a wood countertop in any kitchen, and it instantly gives you the warm feeling that you can’t achieve with any material.

The good thing about the wood countertop is it offers a more sanitary option because it naturally protects against bacteria. Therefore, preparing food is much healthier and cleaner with this countertop.

Countertops have always been an important part of kitchen decor. In today’s generation, a wide variety of style, size, design, material and finishes have been developed. This is a good thing because homeowners will have an almost endless selection to choose from.